• 1987

    Peter Bassen establishes an individual enterprise under the name “Peter Bassen Kleintransporte (small transports)” on 01/01/1987.

  • 1989

    Peter Bassen has hitherto operated with a Mercedes Benz Transporter and a 2-tonne trailer. He exchanges it for a 7.5-tonne lorry in February.

  • 1993

    Peter Bassen has been on the road alone until now. On 15/11/1993, he buys a second 7.5-tonne truck and hires his first employee.

  • 1996

    A 12-tonne truck with a 10-tonne trailer joins the fledgling fleet in October.

  • 1998

    The company is enriched by the appointment of Gerhard Röck as a new employee in August 1998. Today, he not only remains a highly esteemed employee and advisor, but also manages the acquisition department.

  • 1999

    In May 1999, two articulated lorries meet their first orders in a 24-hour operation for our customer Brenntag in Bremen. At this time, the company consisted of a core team of 7 employees, who remain the foundations of the business today.

  • 2000

    The first two swap-body trucks for hazardous freight transports and 10 swap bodies are purchased in February. Owner Peter Bassen has always strongly emphasized the need for all trucks to meet the latest technical requirements and for all employees involved in transporting hazardous goods to be excellently equipped and constantly trained.

  • 2006

    From March onwards, the entire reloading and warehouse operation is located at Arster Hemm 53, 28279 Bremen in a freight forwarding building with 23 ramps and 9,500 m² of storage, commissioning and sorting space. This enables sorting work to be performed by up to 250 persons per shift. The building also contains an open customs store.
    In May, we combined the forwarding & logistics section with the logistics unit at Arster Hemm 53 in the Arsten district of Bremen. This spatial contraction enables us to offer our customers our entire service range in an even more concentrated form.

  • 2007

    Until now, we had operated under two flags with the twin companies Peter Bassen Transporte GmbH and Bassen Spedition & Logistics. We now decided to merge these companies under the name Peter Bassen Transport & Logistics GmbH.

  • 2010

    We found brevity to be the soul of good business and renamed our united operation Bassen Logistic GmbH. The clarity of the shorter name was well received by our customers.

  • 2015

    By March, we are in fine shape to hold our own against the increasingly tough competition with 76 employees atBassen Logistic GmbH and a vehicle fleet of 35 hauling units, 41 semitrailers/trailers and 22 swap bodies. We are by now able to realise all the worldwide transport and logistic requirements of our customers. Our performance is bolstered by our network of international partners and a branch in Istanbul, because many of our guiding principles remain our goals today:

    To be available for our customers 24 hours a day and 365 days per year, and
    - “It can’t be done? Nonsense!”

Our services

International forwarding agent

We implement flexible and individual transport solutions throughout Europe and all over the world with the specialised personnel in our head office in Bremen and a German-speaking partner in Istanbul/Turkey.

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Project logistics

Sound planning, a flexible and innovative transport concept and our own special vehicles guarantee the optimal development and realisation of every kind of project transport for our customers.

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Storage logistics

Embracing all activities of a modern service provider, Bassen Logistic GmbH not only moves your goods but also offers you expertises, sorting, preparing, commissioning and packaging as well as timely reloading and transportation of your wares to the right destination.

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Transport and traffic are marked today by extremely complex interactions between the market actors. In this sphere, Bassen Logistic GmbH can provide optimal solutions for smooth, efficient and price-conscious cross-modal and multi-modal transport.

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Loads frequently do not utilise the capacity of an entire truck but are too large, too heavy or too unwieldy for piece goods transportation. Bassen Logistic GmbH transports your consignment to the desired location in one of our vehicles.

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Beside the professionalism of an experienced forwarding agent and the use of special vehicles, Bassen Logistic GmbH relies on the highest possible safety, regular controls and random checks as well as constant training of the appropriate personnel.

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